BeLoud.US is Launching

Starting June 1st

Introductory Rates as low as $0.23/minute

BeLoud is providing introductory rates of $0.47 per minute to operate either of the Maine
stations and $0.23 per minute to operate the Georgia station, all three with legal limit
amplifiers included. Annual Membership fees are waived for the first 30 days.

These promotional rates expire 30 days from your signing up, at which time published rates on
the website will be charged as well as the advertised Membership Fee.

Please contact Fred, WW4LL at or call 404-557-9769 to learn more.



$0.29/minute airtime with amp
$ 250 Yearly
  • TBD
  • TBD


$0.39/minute airtime with amp
$ 550 Yearly
  • W9SN Tennessee
  • WW4LL Atlanta


$0.79/minute airtime with amp
$ 750 Yearly
  • Maine 1A
  • Maine 2B

Have you got an exciting station that others will want to use?

Let us help you remote it and turn it into cash, when you’re not using it.