Great Service  – Low Cost –  Incredible DX!

We bring the world to you with 3 Station Levels:


These are our world class and biggest stations.  Legal limit amplifiers, yagis, stacks, and rotors.  Or are in DX locations like PJ4.

$499 Yearly + Minutes

.49 per minute


These stations have more hardware, bigger antennas, taller towers, amplifiers, stacks, and rotors.

$249 Yearly + Minutes

.29 per minute


These are our 100 watt stations.  Some have yagis and towers, some wire antennas on the lower bands.  Others will be in great locations for DX propagation.

$49 Yearly + Minutes

.05 per minute





Momobeam HQ in Italy.  Totally free RX station for anyone to use.  New Penta 10 element yagi mounted at 12M high.  10/12/15/17/20 meters

30 day Promotional offer:

     *Trial Rates as low as 3 cents per minute

 *Annual Membership fee delayed for 30 days