WW4LL Atlanta - grid EM73 - Coweta Co.

This is an award winning station with many 1st place contest finishes and records set.  Sitting on a high null above everything around it, has excellent take off angle with it’s 120ft tower. 

Antenna switching is automatic – No need to select an antenna.

160M Inv L

80M – Full sized 4-Square

30M Rotatable Dipole

40M- 4EL yagi @ 112′

20M – 4x4x4 stacks @ 120’/80/40′

15M – 5x5x5 stacks @ 100’/70’/40′

10M – 8x8x8 stacks @ 100’/70’/40′

6M – 7EL @ 130′

Icom Radio – PGXL legal limit fully automatic amplifier