Cape Verde Island – Zone 35 Africa

This is an award winning station with many 1st place contest finishes and records set.  Sitting on a 3500′ mountain that looks out over the Atlantic, this station is a Top Gun!

Antenna switching is automatic – No need to select an antenna.

10 element Momobeam Yagi fixed on EU, covers:

20M – 17M – 15M – 12M – 10M

Icom Radio 

You must agree to these terms before using this station:

  1. You must use the callsign D4Z only. You are not permitted to use your own call from this station and are NOT permitted to use D4/Your Call. D4Z is the ONLY call that is permitted to be used from this station per the regulators in charge of this island entity.

  2. ONLY the 10, 15, 20, 12 & 17 Meter bands are permissible to use at this time. Do NOT move Radio VFO to other bands to operate, other than those specified here.

  3. Your log containing the QSOs for operating this station must be upload each day to a D4Z logbook upload as required by Cape Verde Authorities.